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31 jul


We are now at halfway into 2017 and are observing an innovative wave of home interior decoration trends in 2017. Nowadays, most of the homeowners are well attentive on selecting an interior decoration, which has made the home decor industry to do introduce some new trends in 2017. Vicky Interior is a professional interior designer in Madurai offers varieties of interior decoration services like office interior in Madurai, Modular kitchen in Madurai, etc. In this article, we are sharing some 7 Home Interior Decoration Trends in 2017.

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Integrate with Smart Home Appliance

We hope you understand how much this integrating your home with the smart appliance. In 2017 you can’t avoid the latest technology. As per your budget, you can estimate what kind of smart appliance you need.
Smart home appliance involves the control and automation of lighting, ventilation, heating, Air conditioning, refrigerators, washer/dryers and most important one are smart security appliances. Nowadays all these things are being controlled via smartphone.


Greenery doesn’t refer to the potted plants around the house. According to the universal fact, green is considered as the “color of life and hope”, as it conveys a peaceful and relaxed feeling to the homes. Recently Greenery has been declared as a Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017.

Nature-Inspired Lights

As mentioned earlier, green is considered as the “color of life and hope” most of the people seek peace environment in their home. This tendency has made itself known in the form of light fixtures as well- leaf lamps and chandeliers that are reminiscent of willow branches, as well as lamps that resemble beehives.


When you came up with the color scheme, instead of choosing a single color, you can free to pick two colors, so that it will contrast with the theme and make softer the atmosphere. Blue is the most loved color universally. People feel this color for comfort and calm, as it can make relaxing and introspective moods.


Violet is the best choice for homeowners who wish more mature color to equals their home decor. Violet has recognized as a core ground between the gender stereotypical colors of blue and pink, and ideations of gender, careers, relationships, living spaces, and workplaces. Definitely, it creates a huge wave this year 2017, and especially among the new generation.

Retro Lighting

Retro Lightings are old interior decoration stuff, but now it’s making a comeback with brightly colored, quirkily shaped lights.